Equip Africa Institute is a Pan-African Training, Research and Consultancy unit offering high quality Executive Management Trainings & Consultancy services to the Public and Private sectors across Africa.

The Executive Education and Management Training division’s focus is to primarily develop and coordinate trainings aimed at providing practical skills that address the widening gaps between the academia and the skills, competencies and expertise required in the context of the emerging business models, rapid technology changes, changing political landscapes and global economic shifts.

The Institute strives to deliver exceptional and high impact learning experience based on real life practical issues that add direct value to participants and their organizations.  The institute has already trained several corporations in areas such as:

  • Managing for Results
  • High Impact Personal Leadership Development
  • Leading & Managing Change
  • Beyond management to Leadership
  • Working Together Winning Together


Why Equip?

  • Executive customized training that meets  our client’s needs
  • Open courses that are uniquely designed and relevant to the industry
  • Local and international faculty representing wealth of experience and expertise
  • International partnerships in delivering  programs that transform our participants’ future
  • Use of Practical Based Learning methodology that provides innovative and experiential knowledge, which adds direct value to participants
  • Small interactive classes carefully composed for peer learning in small groups
  • Intensive personal leadership development component in all programs
  • Convenience  and flexible learning schedules
  • Real-life learning, synergy, team building elements in all programs
  • Curriculums that incorporate emerging global trends and rapidly changing technology

Certificates are accredited nationally and internationally through our strategic local and international partners as well as those issued by Mount Kenya University, an Accredited Institution of Higher Learning by Commission of University Education (CUE)