It and business strategyIT is a key component of strategies of successful companies in almost all industries (private/public) today. Such strategies are often based on clear principles that take into account specifics of IT. This course discusses the impact of IT on strategy and offers concepts and tools that help companies or public organizations use IT to sustain and create competitive advantage.

Target Group

Managers and Business Owners seeking to enhance the “competitive position” of their company or organization, increase the value of their products to their customers, and/or enhance the effectiveness of internal processes through the use of Information Technologies.


2 days with evening Assignments

Pedagogical Approach (Method Employed)

Highly interactive format: Case discussions, complemented by group work and lectures. Maximum number of participants: 30

 Key Topics

  •          The use of social media for business
  •         Creation of technology platforms and ecosystems to increase product value
  •         The use of big data to increase the effectiveness of business processes and enhance the attractiveness of company products
  •          The use of crowd sourcing in new product  development, data analysis and business process optimization
  •         Recognition of disruptive technologies and timely reaction to them
  •        Technology use in supply chains
  •          Major business models on the internet

Learning outcomes

After taking the course the participants will be able to:

  •          Integrate IT into the overall competitive strategy of the company
  •         Apply IT-specific strategic principles to create and  deliver effective products and services, including:  technology platforms and ecosystems, network effects, disruptive technologies
  •         Identify areas of application of big data, analytics and social media, as well as their value for the company and its products
  •         Consider the possibility of cannibalization while developing the portfolio of company’s products or services