Managing For ResultsIn today’s business environment, sustained results cannot be achieved by managers who have not been trained to employ effective management practices. There is no such thing as a natural manager who is untrained, just as can be no competent medical doctor who does not apply techniques learned in medical school.Our “Managing for Results" seminar is a leading edge programme that provides the full-range of knowledge and know-how needed to get outstanding results through people. It is based on best practices and is skills-based. 

In other words, participants will not only know what to do, but also how to   apply   proven strategies   to   achieve optimal results.

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Managing for Results is a uniquely designed course by Equip Africa Institute – Executive arm of MKU - in collaboration with Dr. Ray Raferla (Renowned  faculty member of University of Pretoria, South Africa) to add direct value to participants and their organizations. It provides practical tools to enhance performance in leadership, management and strategy formulation to achieve desired results.  

Overreaching Purpose

The goal of this course is to provide managers with the full range of managerial know-how to obtain highly effective results through people.

The Unique Benefits of Our Approach
Our programme differentiates itself from others in three important ways:
1. It is diagnostic i.e. Participants   will diagnose their individual strengths and weaknesses in management to formulate a personal improvement plan
2. It is highly practical. The tenets of the “Managing for Results” programme are based on the most effective, up-to-date practices known, practices that are guaranteed to achieve results.
3. It is complete. The full course covers all activities that required to attain sustainable results through people.

Executives and Senior Managers (Private and Private Sectors)

Session 1  Why Managers Fail

Session 2 The Functions & Activities of Management

Session 3  The Performance Scorecard

Session 4  Action Planning

Session 5  Delegating

Session 6  Selecting People

Session 7  Communicating

Session 8  Motivating People

Session 9  Developing People

Session 10 Why Decisions Fail

Session 11  Making Effective Decisions

Session 12 Maintaining Effective Controls

Session 13 Correcting Substandard Performance

Session 14  Appraising Overall Performance

Session 15 The Personal Qualities of Great Integrated Human Dynamics Managers

The programme is highly interactive, with personal and group assign-ments, case studies, role plays, practical simulations and individual assessments.

Dr. Ray Laferla.fwDr. Ray is a leading authority in the fields of leadership, organizational development, strategy formulation and personal development. He has pursued a distinguished career as a top manager, author, counselor and director of companies. 

His presentations are packed with deep insights, “real life” human stories and practical strategies that have earned him world-class rankings from organizations such as L’Oreal, Kenya Airways, JAMES Finley, UAP Insurance, Kenya Railways etc.

 Next Training Dates: April 4th - 8th, 2016

Venue: Mombasa

Tution Fees: Ksh. 100,000 + VAT  (Inclusive of course materials, lunch, refreshments and a certificate)

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