iStock 000019996666Small2Why this Course?

Many times functional managers have risen through the ranks and personally achieved a great deal to get where they are. They are often leading the front line of a company’s core business operations. But more often than not, these individuals find themselves in positions that require from them skills they haven’t been trained in: How to create value to the organization through others? How to mobilize the resources of the employees to outperform? How to handle conflicts and build a high performing team? This is what this programme among other things will help managers do.

 Program benefits

The course is aimed at business leaders who form the talent pool for tomorrow’s leadership. Its goal is to enhance the ability of managers to move from primarily supervising and controlling to pro-actively leading through unfolding the potential of others. The learning methodology is the experiential based learning approach, i.e. practicing and reflection on the practice in small groups and in plenary and practicing selected tasks between modules.

Target Group

Front line Leaders and Mid-level Managers, CEO’s of SME’s with at least 4 years of experience, experienced managers of NGOs, Parastatals or other organizations having risen through the ranks but with no formal training in personal leadership.


Minimum 4 years’ experience, commitment to learn and develop the personal leadership style.

Participants will expect to;

-: Vastly increase their self-awareness as leaders

-: Learn to practice three skills key for any leader: Delegating, motivating and communicating

-: Develop a set of personal goals for further leadership and organizational development

-:Gain a first class network of peers from diverse industries with whom to bond and discuss personal and business issues


5 Days (Module 1: 3 Days + Module 2: 2 Days)

Pedagogical Approach (Method Employed)

Classroom introductions, peer learning groups, home company tasks (between modules 1 and 2). Maximum number of participants: 24