Beyond Management to LeadershipMost people Confuse Management and Leadership, resulting in an obfuscation of concepts and ideas relating to the responsibility and roles of managers and leaders. Consequently, managers try to be leaders (because this terms sound grand) without knowing what the difference is or what leadership entails.

In this programme, the terms Leadership and Management are clearly defined   and delineated. Thereafter, the five pillars of Leadership are explained to provide knowledge and know-how of moving beyond Management to Leadership.

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Target Group

Senior Managers and Corporate Executives


3 days with evening Assignments


Pedagogical Approach (Method Employed)

The programme is highly interactive with numerous case studies, group work and practical simulations 

 The Unique Benefits of Our Approach

The programme is unique and highly beneficial in the following ways:

  • It is based on Extensive Research
  • It is highly practical
  • It incorporates the most advanced and up-to-date leadership practices, including “Blue Ocean Strategy”, a new and different way of undertaking Strategy formulation.
  • Exercises and case studies are employed that are centered on the real business events and scenarios.

Course Content

Beyond Management , To Leadership comprises of six interactive sessions, namely;

Session 1: The Difference Between Management and Leadership

Session 2: Establishing Corporate Culture

Session 3: Envisioning the Future and formulating Strategy

Session 4: Undertaking Successful Transformation

Session 5: Strategic Decision-Making

Session 6: Developing High Performance Teams